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Data for 2016 to 2017 - End of Key Stage Assessments

At the end of each key stage children are required to be assessed against age related expectations. In Key Stage 1 this takes the form of teacher assessments which are backed up with tests (SATS). In Key Stage 2 the children sit tests (SATS) in Reading, Maths & Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling and are teacher assessed for writing.


Children achieving age related expectations or above at the end of the Key Stage (National figure are in brackets)

Key Stage 1



Higher level of attainment (Greater Depth)


83% (74)

28% (24)


71% (65)

22% (13)


75% (73)

23% (18)

Key Stage 2


69% (71)

11% (19)


83% (76)

18% (15)


85% (75)

15% (17)

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

85% (77)


Combined (R, W, M)

65% (63)



Phonics Screening Check

In Year 1, pupils are assessed on their understanding of phonics. The pupils are asked to read a range of real words and ‘non-words’ (made up using different phonic patterns). If a pupil does not pass the phonics check in Year 1 they must be re-assessed in Year 2.

Percentage of children passing the phonics screening check in Year 1 - 85%


EYFS Good Level of Development

In the Reception year, children are assessed on key areas of learning. These are put together to form a child’s ‘Good Level of Development’.

Percentage of children achieving a ‘Good Level of Development’ - 74%


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